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Henry Enfi eld Roscoe

Jaime Wisniak

Henry Enfield Roscoe (1833---1915), together with Robert Bunsen, his mentor, carried on fundamental research in photochemistry, determining its laws and quantitative effects. His most important studies were on the chemistry of vanadium, uranium, tungsten, and molybdenum, their oxides and oxychlorides, carrying on, for the first time, their synthesis and separation. He also did important studies on public heath. His academic activities transformed Owens College (Victoria University) into the leading chemistry school in Britain.

InnovationReproducing an innovation environment in the classroom. An strategy to promotecreativity in Chemical Engineering education

Laura Tolosa, Ronald Márquez, César Izaguirre, Leonardo Rennola, Johnny Bullón, Beatriz Sandia

The teaching-learning process in traditional college education uses strategies thatplace the student as a recipient of information transmitted by the teacher, which is conceptua-lized as knowledge. The reality in which we live requires generating training solutions to meetthe needs of individuals in the development of skills or know-how to respond to society, to formindividuals capable of learning to learn and learning to transfer, prepared to continually seekknowledge and able to create and innovate. In this paper, the results of the implementationof the strategy Reproducing an Innovation Environment in the Classroom (RAIS) in courses ofthe Chemical Engineering curriculum, in Universidad de Los Andes, Mrida-Venezuela are pre-sented. This is a strategy of teaching, learning and assessment in which the student is aco-participant in the construction and generation of knowledge, developing the skills proposedin the course by the execution of a product. RAIS strategy was applied in the courses of PhysicalChemistry for Chemical Engineers, Industrial Chemistry I and Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry,where students obtained a finished product using the know-how in the area of each course. Thisstrategy led to an increase in motivation over other courses based on lectures, and the deve-lopment of the ability to function and find solutions in multidisciplinary groups workplaces. Itis important to note that more than 80% of students said the RAIS strategy contributes to theirpersonal development and training for applied research.

Wikis in Moodle: The students and teachers gaze

Ivana Núñez, Marina Míguez Palermo, Gustavo Seoane

The use of ICT in education does not imply innovation per se, since these technologies can be used to maintain immutable educational models, and therefore the adequacy and scope of the incorporation must be analyzed. In order to provide elements for the reflection on the possibilities of incorporating tools to support teaching and learning processes, the results from an investigation carried out within the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemistry, Universidad de la Repblica, are analyzed. This paper discusses the use of wikies as a tool for the Organic Chemistry Laboratory course corresponding to the third year of all careers offered by the Faculty of Chemistry (Universidad de la Repblica) through the students reports, the platform registers and the opinions expressed by the course participants.

Integrated experiments: Use of sensors in the electroplating plants

Juan Camus, Ramón Lagos

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Modified Newman projections: A new representation of the Newman notations to convey conformational properties

M. Hossein Khalilian, Hormoz Khosravi, Saber Mirzaei

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Achievements and perspectives of Theoretical Chemistry

Alberto Vela Amieva

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Nanomedicine and drug delivery systems: the (r)evolution of cancer therapy?

Israel González-Méndez, Karina Aguado-Castrejón, Yareli Rojas-Aguirre

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