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Master in Environmental Education, National Pedagogical University, Mexico

Master in the line of Environmental Education can be taken in the National Pedagogical University of Mexico

Teachers beliefs, its importance, and how to get them

Andoni Garritz

In the Introduction, the gradual changes on teaching research are informed, and how beliefs and attitudes towards science have emerged as a priority reason to interpret several aspects of teachers job, including lesson planning; teaching; assessment; interactions with peers, parents and students, as well as their professional development and the ways they implement reform. Afterwards how beliefs impact on classroom practice is explored and the ways in which they can be shown explicitly. KEYWORDS: beliefs, instructional practice, pedagogical content knowledge

Exploring the chemical kinetics through of the burning of a candle

José Machado Moita Neto, Thábata Laís de Araújo Barbosa Nascimento, Ericson André de Sousa Monteiro, Régis Casimiro Leal

On the practical point of view, most important that the speed of chemical reactions, traditionally studied in chemical kinetics is the speed of the processes that include besides the chemical reaction other conditions as the rate of diffusion of reactants to the reaction site. In this work, we explore the simple process of burning a candle in two different environments and raise the kinetics of it. We also assessed the influence of the size of the candle on the speed equation. The investigative character helps the understanding of the fundamentals of chemical kinetics and the factors that affect chemical reactions. Keywords: chemical kinetics; experimentation in teaching; candle; chemical processes.

Practical demonstrations of challenges and opportunities on first and second generation bioethanol production using tropical crops

Julián M. Peña-Castro, Blanca E. Barrera-Figueroa, Jacqueline Capataz-Tafur, Adriana Prado-Fuentes, Teresa Zamora-Hernández

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Four Brilliant Students of Henri Sainte-Claire Deville. Part 2. Louis Joseph Troost

Part 2. Louis Joseph Troost

Jaime Wisniak

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Spatial skills and competences in Chemical Engineering

Carlos Galdeano-Bienzobas, Antonio Valiente Barderas

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Polarimetry and stereochemistry: the optical rotation of Vitamin C as a function of pH

Johanna van der Wal-Veuger, Johan A. Linthorst

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