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Jueves, 30 de Julio del 2015

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PCK for dummies. Part 2: Personal vs Canonical PCK

Andoni Garritz

Abstract In a previous editorial (Garritz, 2013), we started presenting some features on Pedagogical Content Knowledge considered for dummies. In this occasion we will be going further, presenting new recent attributes to the construct. We will present two different conceptions of PCK: the canonical PCK (substantiated by systematic research) that can be shared and applied by many teachers, and personal PCK (substantiated by personal experience and beliefs/orientations of a single teacher). Key words: Canonical PCK; Personal PCK

Analysis of the Evolution of the Undergraduate General Examination test in Chemistry

Arturo Hernández-Jiménez, Thelma Beatriz Pavón-Silva, Damaris Rodríguez‑Barrientos

The aim of this work is to diffuse the EGEL in Chemistry (Undergraduate General Examination) in many IES (Higher Education Institutions) in the country as a standardized test which seeks to identify the knowledge and essential skills to which undergraduate possess to embark on their professional careers: B.S. in Chemistry, B.S. in Industrial Chemistry, and B.S. in Food Chemistry. This paper updates to the university fellowship who apply this test about the New Generation Scheme in EGEL exam adopted by CENEVAL (National Higher Education Assessment Center) since 2010 and the recently creation of the Excellence Performance Award by CENEVAL and SEP (Public Education Ministry) in 2011. KEYWORDS: EGEL-Q; EGEL-QUIM; New generation scheme; Excellence performance award

Augmented reality to design teaching-learning sequences in chemistry

Cristian Merino, Sonia Pino, Eduardo Meyer, José Miguel Garrido, Felipe Gallardo

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Chemistry Students and Professors Conceptions of Chemical Identity: Part I Chemical Identity as the Basis of the Macroscopic Concept of Substance

Parte II: comparación entre participantes en dos universidades de diferentes países

Gabriela Szteinberg, Paula Brenes, Heilen Arce, Hannah Sevian

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Science teachers professional development characterization Part I: Implicit representations systems in professional teaching epistemology

Ainoa Marzábal, Alejandro Rocha, Braulio Toledo

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Elaboração e avaliação de uma história em quadrinhos: uma análise do modo de leitura dos estudantes

Wilmo Ernesto Francisco Junior, Adjane Mais Uchôa

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