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History and the teaching of chemistry. A tribute to Thomas Lowrys textbook Historical Introduction to Chemistry

William B. Jensen

A través del libro de Thomas Lowry escrito en 1915, Historical Introduction to Chemistry, este artículo muestra la manera de cómo se puede ense˜nar química a partir de su propia historia.

Anlisis curricular de la ensenanza qumica en Mxico en los niveles preuniversitarios. Parte II: La educacin media superior

Yosajandi Pérez Campillo, José Antonio Chamizo

Today, there is an ongoing discussion about the need to change the science curriculum in pre-university levels, with the idea that they are not only addressed the disciplinary contents but also that the curriculum, contribute to the development of different thinking skills, management tools derived from technology and allows the student to better understand and apply knowledge within their own context. In the case of Mexico, due to our poor level of education expressed in various assessments, curriculum change is necessary and for this, the first step is to study the current situation in order to characterize the curriculum and find the strengths and areas opportunity. Therefore, this study is a curriculum analysis, specifically for teaching chemistry at the high school level, considering five specific programs of general chemistry from high school. To carry out this analysis considered five large axes: Nature of science, context, practical work, evaluation and substantive structure (including the paradigmatic structure).

Teaching of stoichiometry: Analogies and conceptual understanding

Andrés Raviolo, Gabriela Lerzo

This work makes a connection between the teaching of stoichiometry, analogies and the conceptual resolution of chemistry problems. A didactic sequence on the topic is drawn up, progressive in difficulty. This sequence, based on analogies, is applied by first year university students. The experience is evaluated by means of a written questionnaire, where, amongst others, Nurrenbern and Pickerings (1987) 2 conceptual stoichiometry items figure (Nurrenbern y Pickering, 1987). The results show only partial understanding of the subject since some difficulties expressed in the bibliography were not overcome. To what extent and under which conditions analogies are helpful in the learning of this subject are discussed.

The phenomenon of brine rejection: a practical proposal for prospective primary teacher training

José Domingo Villarroel, Daniel Zuazagoitia

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Graphical representation of chemical periodicity of main elements through boxplot

João Elias Vidueira Ferreira, Maria Tayane Silva Pinheiro, Wagner Roberto Santos dos Santos, Rodrigo da Silva Maia

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Emotions in learning Physics and Chemistry in secondary education. Students related causes

María Antonia Dávila Acedo, Florentina Cañada Cañada, Jesús Sánchez Martín, Vicente Mellado-Jiménez

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Development of ICT applications to enhance the teaching and learning of science in grade of teacher in early childhood education at the University of Malaga

Santiago Rojano Ramos, María del Mar López Guerrero, Gema López Guerrero

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